As of May 2014

The Regular Meeting of your Co-op Board is normally held

on the THIRD MONDAY of each month, at 6:00 pm
in the North Valley Hospital Board Room
in Tonasket, at 126 S Whitcomb (hwy 97), 98855, in the Administration Building.
To find:
When you come in from Hwy 97 and go toward the Hospital's main entrance, walk right (north) just before that entrance; on the right of that pathway there will be a Blue Door that is the entrance to the Admin Building.

Part of the reason I maintain this website is to help keep those of us who live in the hills, and don't come into town or the Co-op that often, connected. It is not fun to drive 45 minutes to town from, say, Chesaw, to find the Board meeting canceled or moved! So check this website, or call the Co-op (486-4188), for any meeting changes (which should not occur within 24 hours of the meeting unless due to dire emergency.)

TNFC Members are Welcome at Board Meetings

Members are welcome to come and observe at any of the Regular monthly meetings. Meetings contain the monthly Store Manager's Report, a monthly Financial summary, and any committee reports from those having had activity that month. This is followed by Old Business and then New Business, as determined by the agenda drawn up by the Board Secretary before the meeting. At each Regular Meeting the first thing to happen is the reading of the minutes from the last Board meeting. After this, it's time for the Open Forum.

If you are not a committee member responsible for a report, or have not been asked by the Board to address something during new or old business, then Open Forum is the place to

Typically people are asked to keep their remarks to a 5 minute maximum, and to submit their ideas in writing. Nooooo, you don't have to have a whole term paper written up, but it's really better to have at least an outline of your points in writing so you don't get misquoted in the minutes. Also, sign your statement(s), and have those people you say support it sign it, too.

Be aware that bringing up an idea is a presentation--not an agenda item. The Board can't drop the rest of the meeting's agenda and discuss or vote on your new idea that night. And if you are speaking about an item to come on the agenda later that evening, your remarks will be considered then. Or you might be hooked up with a committee that's addressing your idea/concern on a different day (as well as going on record during Open Forum.)

Individual Board members are sometimes approached outside of meetings about 'controversial' issues with a verbal, "The Co-op should _____!"; many times followed by, "but keep my name out of it." Your idea really only holds weight when it isn't 'whispered down the lane'. An individual Board Member has no authority--the way to really be heard is to show up at the beginning of a Regular Board Meeting and address the full Board. You can also email your signed, open forum remarks to for the Secretary to read during Open Forum.

Your fellow Co-op Member,